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Bidding Adieu to a Bad Tooth: When Pulling is the Only Option

We all love our pearly whites, don't we? But sometimes, life can throw us a curveball, and a tooth can go from being a shiny gem to a source of pain or problems. At times like these, the best solution might be to say goodbye to that tooth. Let’s explore why some teeth need to be shown the door and why it's essential for our health.

Indications for Extraction

  1. Severe Decay: When a tooth is more decayed than it is healthy, it's like having a rotten apple in the bunch. Filling it or crowning it won't work. The tooth has to be pulled to prevent the decay from spreading.

  2. Impaction: Sometimes, teeth, especially wisdom teeth, don't come in all the way. This can cause pain or problems for other teeth.

  3. Orthodontic Needs: For those of us who need braces, sometimes there isn't enough room for all our teeth. In such cases, a dentist might recommend removing one or more teeth to make space.

The Emotional Component It's normal to be nervous or scared at the thought of having a tooth removed! Our Dentists train for years to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. Plus, getting rid of a problematic tooth can mean an end to pain and potential health issues.

After saying goodbye to a tooth, it's essential to think about the gap it leaves behind. Not only for smiling, but for chewing and general mouth health. Some options might be: bridges, implants, or other ways to fill the space. After all, every tooth plays a part in the grand orchestra of our mouths! Our dentists at Just Pull It also work in general dentistry, and can help you after your extraction!

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