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Counting the Cost: The Price of Tooth Extraction


Having healthy teeth and gums is super important. Imagine trying to eat your favorite food with a painful tooth! Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you need a tooth taken out. Dentists call this a 'tooth extraction'. How much does it cost to have a tooth removed? Let's dive into that!

Factors Influencing Price:

  • Location: Same as a toy might cost more in one store than another, the price of tooth extraction can change based on where you live. In big cities, it might cost more than in smaller towns.

  • Dentist’s Experience: Dentists who've been working for a longer time might charge more because they have lots of experience.

  • Complexity of Extraction: Not all tooth extractions are the same. Some might be straightforward, while others can be tricky. Tougher extractions might cost more.

  • Anesthesia Options: You might need sedation to help with your nerves or medicine so you don’t feel pain during the extraction. Different types of these options can change the price.

  • Extra Procedures: Imagine buying a toy and getting some extra pieces with it. Sometimes you might need extra dental work done with your extraction, and that can add to the cost.

Affordable Options and Plans:

If you’re worried about the cost, don't stress! Just Pull It offers a more affordable option!

  • No Hidden Fees: Just Pull It offers a flat rate service, that includes your x-ray, exam, and extraction. The price is the same at all locations and does not change based on the doctor or the complexity of the extraction. There is one fee per tooth for a regular tooth and one flat fee per tooth for wisdom teeth. There are no extra fees for a broken tooth.

  • Same Day Appointments: No long waiting periods to get out of pain fast and return to your normal daily life.

  • Reduced Price Sedation: Afraid of the dentist? We offer sedation to patients who need it at a reduced price. Sedation is not offered the same day as your first appointment.

Call now at 352-833-7855 or book online!


Having a healthy mouth is super important. If you need a tooth extracted, it's worth the cost to feel better and be healthier. But remember, there are ways to make it more affordable. Always ask questions and explore your options! 🦷🌟

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