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So we pulled your painful problem tooth, now what?

After you visit Just Pull It Dental, and our licensed dentists have pulled your painful tooth, there are a few instructions you should follow to encourage the best possible healing. Our dental office locations in Lutz, Tampa, and Spring Hill, Florida will provide you with a printout of your recommended care. They are available on our website as well. We have provided some instructions and recommendations below.

Now that my tooth is out, what do I do?

First things first, no smoking! This includes any other devices that simulate or replace smoking, as well as any other substances besides tobacco. Smoking any time in the next 2-3 days after we pull your tooth will drastically increase your chances of getting a dry socket. We are often asked if gauze can be placed over the extraction site while the patient smokes. Unfortunately, this still disrupts the body’s natural healing process and you are still risking a dry socket. You can use nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges after your tooth is pulled in place of smoking. If you are a marijuana user, we recommend using an edible version rather than smoking to avoid a dry socket.

For the first day after your same day tooth extraction, you will want to avoid any sucking motion, forceful spitting, rinsing, or swishing.

Some bleeding is normal for the first few hours after your tooth is extracted, but if the bleeding doesn’t stop or seems heavy, you can dampen a tea bag with cool water and hold it over the extraction site for about half an hour. The tea will help slow the bleeding. You can always call us with any questions about your same day tooth extraction at 352-833-7855.

What can I eat after I get my tooth pulled?

You will want to avoid anything hard, crunchy, acidic or spicy after our licensed dentist pulls your painful tooth. These types of foods can irritate the extraction site and cause delayed healing. Try to have things on hand that are soft and don’t require much crunching or chewing. Some examples of the food you can eat after a tooth is pulled would be applesauce, pudding, jell-o, soup, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and the like.

What about swelling after a tooth extraction?

Some swelling is normal after an extraction. You can use a cold cloth or an ice pack to the area where the tooth was pulled to help the swelling go down after your extraction. If the swelling lasts more than a few days or seems to be increasing, you can always call us at 352-833-7855 and we will be happy to make any recommendations or bring you in for an office visit.

Do I need antibiotics after I get my tooth pulled?

Usually you will not need to take any antibiotics after the tooth is pulled. Once an infected tooth is pulled, the infection is removed with the tooth and antibiotics are no longer necessary.

It seems like I have a piece of the tooth left in the gum, is this normal?

This could be what’s called a bone spicule or a bone fragment. These occur in approximately 10% of lower molar extractions, usually about a month after the extraction but sometimes sooner. They can be sharp to the tongue or cheek and uncomfortable, but they usually work themselves out with time. If it is very uncomfortable, our licensed dentists can remove it for you, please call to schedule your appointment at 352-833-7855.

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