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Busting Myths About Tooth Pulling: The Real Story 

Many people get really nervous when they hear they need a tooth pulled. They think it's going to hurt a lot, take forever to get better, and cause all sorts of problems. But a lot of what we hear about tooth pulling isn't true. Let's clear up some of those myths and make things a bit less scary. 

Myth 1: Pulling a Tooth Hurts a Ton 

First off, most folks think pulling a tooth is super painful. But our dentists at Just Pull It know how to keep you comfortable. They use medicine to numb your mouth so you shouldn't feel any pain, just a bit of pressure. If you're worried about pain after, over-the-counter painkillers usually do the trick. 

Myth 2: It Takes Ages to Get Better 

Some think it takes a long time to heal after a tooth is pulled. But most people are feeling fine in just a few days. The key is to take it easy and follow the post operative instructions you receive from Just Pull It, like not being active right away and eating soft foods. 

Myth 3: Lots of Bad Stuff Can Happen 

Sure, any medical procedure has risks, but serious problems after tooth pulling are rare. If you follow your dentist's instructions, like not smoking and taking it easy, you're likely to heal up just fine. 

Myth 4: Better to Keep a Bad Tooth 

Hanging onto a tooth that's in bad shape can actually cause more trouble. It can hurt a lot, and make you ill. If your dentist says it's time for a tooth to go, it's usually for the best. 

Myth 5: Pulling Teeth Changes Your Face 

Some people worry that pulling teeth will make their face look different. This isn't something that happens right away. And dentists have ways to help keep your smile looking good, like putting in a fake tooth where the old one was. Just Pull It can help refer you to an office where you can restore your smile.  

Myth 6: Only Wisdom Teeth Get Pulled 

It's not just wisdom teeth that need to come out. Sometimes other teeth need to go too if they're really broken or causing problems. 

Myth 7: Tooth Pulling Is Just for Grown-Ups 

Kids sometimes need teeth pulled too, maybe because a tooth is really decayed or to help other teeth come in right. Dentists who work with kids are really good at making sure they're comfortable and safe. While we don’t see patients under 12 in our office, we can refer you or your child to an office where they can help. 

Myth 8: Regular Painkillers Won't Cut It 

A lot of times, simple painkillers like ibuprofen are all you need after a tooth is pulled. Your dentist will tell you what's best and how much to take. 

Myth 9: You Can Jump Right Back Into Things 

Even if you feel okay, it's important to chill for a bit after a tooth is pulled. Doing too much too soon can mess up the healing process. Just Pull It provides post-operative instructions to help you heal. 

Myth 10: Any Dentist Can Pull a Tooth 

While many dentists can pull teeth, some tricky cases might need a specialist. But no matter who does it, they'll make sure you're taken care of. We work closely with oral surgeons who will be able to help with more complicated cases. 

So, there you have it. Getting a tooth pulled isn't as bad as it sounds. Your dentist will help you through it, and before you know it, you'll be back to your usual self. Don't let those old myths scare you away from taking care of your smile! 


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